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Michelle Liu

Registered Psychotherapist RP, MA

Michelle is passionate about working with couples and individuals to help

them find connection, intimacy, and joy in their relationships.

My Story

During sessions, Michelle will help you learn about any negative cycles or patterns that might exist in your relationship. With warmth, empathy and sometimes even humour, Michelle uses Emotionally Focused Therapy

(EFT), along with Attachment Science to help couples and individuals navigate difficult conversations. She supports clients to slow down and unpack their thoughts and feelings in an emotionally safe space.


You and your partner will feel safe, heard, and reassured when working with Michelle. With a clearer vision of the life you desire, you can begin to move forward in your journey with confidence and hope. By learning new ways to communicate you can gain a better understanding of yourself and your relationships.


Michelle specializes in working with interracial and interethnic couples that see themselves as worlds apart. She recognizes the challenges of navigating familial and cultural expectations of having a partner with a different cultural landscape. If you’re a couple or an individual looking to build connection and joy in your life, then please contact us to book a consultation with Michelle.

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