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Sarah Hurley
Founder & Managing Director 

Registered Psychotherapist, RP, MA, CCLS, CYC

Sarah specializes in working with tweens, teens, and young adults who identify as female. Sarah has a deep understanding of the unique concerns that females face in their daily lives from both her lived and professional experiences.

My Story

Before starting her own practice, Sarah worked for over 8 years with females in the eating disorder’s day hospital program and the mental health crisis unit at the Hospital for Sick Children. Sarah has also worked as a therapist in schools and community mental health. Prior to this,  Sarah enjoyed spending time overseas, travelling and teaching in Seoul, South Korea.


Sarah is dedicated to helping girls and young women develop self-compassion and a deep sense of respect and acceptance for themselves. She supports her clients with a number of challenges such as anxiety, depression, disordered eating, self-esteem, body image concerns, relationship support, and life transitions. Sarah uses a variety of therapeutic techniques with a strong foundation in attachment theory, emotion focused therapy (EFT), cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). She often enjoys incorporating mindfulness exercises and art therapy techniques into sessions as well. 


Sarah's warmth and empathy, coupled with her extensive clinical experience make her well suited in supporting her clients with a variety of needs. After many years in the field and working in different settings, Sarah remains inspired by her clients' stories of resilience and transformation. She believes that growth is ongoing and is here to support you on this journey. 

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