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Natascha Gray

Registered Psychotherapist, RP, MA, CYC

Natascha is a Registered Psychotherapist, child and youth counsellor, and athlete who specializes in working with youth, adolescents, and young adults struggling with a wide variety of internal and external challenges.

My Story

Natascha has spent the past 17 years working at the Hospital for Sick Children in both their inpatient and outpatient eating disorders and mental health crisis units.


Natascha recognizes that the transition from childhood to adulthood can be a time filled with uncertainty, identity formation, and the desire to fit-in and be accepted. Decision making, understanding emotions, and coping with the stress and pressures of society are often tools that young people are not well-equipped with. Natasha can support you through this process. She helps young people and their families to understand and process emotions, build self-

confidence, and to develop healthy coping strategies and communication.


Building an open and trusting therapeutic relationship with each client is of utmost importance for Natascha. She uses a warm and non-judgemental approach while fostering a safe space to support clients on their journey to wellness.


Whether you're a young person seeking guidance or support for your mental health, an adult wanting to cope more effectively with anxiety or depression,  an athlete struggling with fear or self-doubt, or your constant battle for perfection is just not serving you well anymore, Natasha is here to walk beside you on your journey.


Her hope is to help you make positive changes in your daily life while cultivating joy, resiliency, and self-compassion.

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