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Andrea U

Registered Psychotherapist, RP, MMT, CCC

Andrea is a Registered Psychotherapist, her primary focus is working with children and adolescents through a diverse approach centering around self-expression to provide support for clients facing a variety of challenges to build resiliency.

My Story

Previously a music therapist,  Andrea currently works with children and adolescents, she is dedicated to providing support for clients facing a variety of challenges including those at school and with peers, support with OCD, ADHD, perfectionism, grief, and life transitions. 


Her expertise lies in addressing school issues, navigating complex family dynamics, supporting those with learning disorders, and guiding individuals through the healing journey from trauma.

One of her greatest joys in therapy is guiding individuals in exploring and connecting with their inner child through creative play. She also draws upon a diverse range of therapeutic modalities, including psychodynamic therapy, narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, and emotionally-focused family therapy. This eclectic approach allows her to tailor her skills to meet the unique needs of each client for a deeper understanding of emotions and experiences.

She firmly believes that every client deserves to be seen and heard as an individual first and foremost. Her therapeutic philosophy centres around exploring each individual's inner child through play, fostering a safe space for self-expression and growth for a resilient future celebrating each the uniqueness of each individual.

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