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Child Therapist

Child therapy

Just like grown-ups, sometimes children need support too. Although they often express it differently than adults, children can also struggle with the day-to-day stresses of life.


At TPS Therapy we have licensed clinicians who specialize in supporting children (ages 4+) and their parents with a range of needs. Some of these needs include anxiety, sadness, shyness, bullying, friendships, sleep issues, divorce and separation, problems at school, and separation anxiety.


Ways we can help:

  • Play, art, and music therapy: Some children will benefit from play therapy, art therapy, and/or music therapy techniques, which we often incorporate into our sessions.

  • Feelings: teaching emotional awareness through labelling feelings and learning where they are experienced in the body. Enhancing ways that they communicate their emotions.

  • Coping strategies: we can help children put together a “toolbox” of coping strategies that they can use to manage their feelings and to problem solve in various situations.

  • Communication skills: enhancing communication skills and improving peer and familial relationships.

  • Parenting support: we work with parents to help them support their child with goals such as helping to regulate their child’s emotions (co-regulation), managing challenging behaviours, and learning how to co-parent.

If you’re interested in meeting with one of our therapists who specialize in therapy for children, please contact us to book a free 20-minute psychotherapy consultation.

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