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Aneeqa Aslam
Registered Social Worker

Aneeqa loves being a therapist, and has worked with clients in both inpatient and outpatient settings throughout her career. She holds degrees from the University of Toronto and McMaster, and really enjoys connecting with people as they navigate challenges in their lives.

My Story

Throughout her career, she has prioritized working with teenagers and adolescents, young adults, and

families/couples. She appreciates that no two clients or families are alike, and understands the complexities of family dynamics. She’s comfortable with the uncomfortable, and creates a space where people feel at ease talking about anything that’s on their mind.


She has extensive experience working with those facing a range of mental health struggles, including

difficulties managing strong emotions, self-harming behaviours, relationship troubles (such as

attachment issues, unstable relationships, or family breakdown), school challenges, substance misuse,

and trauma (such as experiencing sexual violence or intergenerational trauma).


Her past clients have often been troubled by anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and attentiveness issues, obsessions and compulsions, borderline personality disorder, eating disordered behaviour, psychosis, and neurodivergence.


While clients ultimately determine the shape of their therapy, Aneeqa draws on a variety of approaches

and tools, including emotion-focused therapy, trauma-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy,

dialectical behavioural therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. More than anything, she believes in authenticity and forming a strong, caring relationship with clients.


Aneeqa prioritizes the person rather than the diagnosis, working to help clients take a whole-picture

approach to their difficulties. Her focus is on helping people to understand and make meaning of their

feelings and experiences, and to identify and develop a path to healing.

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